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Legal issues won't resolve themselves. Find out the proper way to handle your situation by contacting the Law Office Of Richard L. Cookson. Richard Cookson is a reputable defense and family attorney in Riverside, California. You can trust him to examine your case from every angle and explain the best way to settle your legal matter.

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3 reasons why you can trust attorney Cookson with your situation

Whether you're dealing with a drug charge or need to file for child support, you can count on attorney Cookson for help. His clients in the Riverside, California area feel comfortable hiring him as their family and defense attorney because:

  1. He enjoys fighting for his clients.
  2. He works hard to earn his referrals.
  3. He makes his legal services affordable.

You can rest easy knowing he won't back down from your case. Reach out to attorney Cookson today to learn your rights.

Choose an attorney with 30 years of experience

Attorney Cookson has been practicing law since 1988. Before starting his own practice, he served as a battalion legal officer while he was in the Marine Corps. He then worked in a DA's office handling a variety of criminal cases, but his focus was on narcotic drug cases. He's spent the majority of his legal career handling jury trials.

Richard Cookson now practices as a family and defense attorney. He considers himself a career prosecutor and is known for providing effective litigation and unmatched legal services. The bigger the challenge, the more confident he feels. You can trust him to work toward a favorable outcome for your case.

Visit the Law Office Of Richard L. Cookson today to get trusted legal advice for your situation.

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