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Is your spouse exhibiting violent tendencies while you're going through a divorce? Do you not feel safe at home? Contact the Law Office Of Richard L. Cookson immediately. Attorney Cookson handles cases involving restraining orders, defensive restraining orders and battery in Riverside, California. As a domestic violence attorney, he'll provide you with the legal support you need so you can put this situation behind you.

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Domestic Violence Riverside CA

Attorney Cookson deals with domestic violence cases of all types

Domestic violence takes many forms. Hire a domestic violence attorney if:

  • Your significant other has hit, bit or punched you
  • A family member has sexually assaulted you
  • You're being invalidated or talked down to constantly
  • Someone is trying to make you financially reliant on them

No matter what your situation may be, rest assured you're not alone. Attorney Cookson will pursue your best interests aggressively. Call 951-683-5357 now to schedule a domestic violence consultation.