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While a good attorney can develop a strong counterargument, a skilled attorney can get inside their opponent's head. The Law Office Of Richard L. Cookson in Riverside, California is home to a seasoned drug defense attorney. Attorney Cookson focused on drug law during his early years of practice and continues to make it his focus today.

Attorney Cookson has experience working in a DA's office and as a defense attorney. He can predict what angle the prosecution might take for your case and develop a robust defensive strategy.

Trust him to handle your case effectively. Contact attorney Cookson today to discuss your charge with a drug attorney in Riverside, California.

Drug Crimes Riverside CA

Attorney Cookson deals with drug crimes of all kinds

You'll feel more confident about your trial with attorney Cookson by your side. As your drug attorney, he can defend against charges involving:

  • Drug possession
  • Drug trafficking
  • Drug conspiracy

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